A Continuous Airwirthiness Maintenance Organization (CAMO), as a part of the Implementing Rules EU1321/2014 (Continuing Airworthiness) of EASA, is the one in charge for the organization and document management and the publications related to the Part 145 and Part M approved Maintenance Organizations, especially the compliance with the airplane maintenance programms.

Within the CAMO levels there exist basic CAMO, for the functions as detailed in the previous paragraph, and the CAMO +, to whose approvals, the airworthiness review, the issue (or issue recommendations) of Airworthiness Certificates and the issue of permits to fly, to perform test flights for maintenance, can be added.

In the CAMO department we can work with you in:

  • Services for small-medium airlines.
  • Advise to achieve the CAMO approval.
  • Documents management.
  • Training.
  • Selección de personal.
  • Desarrollo y actualización de manuales.
  • Traducciones.

Services for airlines