The regulatory compliance, together with the safety, is one of the main bases in the airlines work, especially for the amount of changes that regulation constantly suffers.

The follow-up of these regulatory changes, and its association with the internal procedures in the company, obligue to monitor the control procedures strictly.

In order to understand it easily “We must make what it is written and write what we make”, always in accordance with the corresponding regulation.

At FLYLAB CONSULTING we can also help you with these tasks.

In the Compliance Monitoring area we can work with you in:

  • Audits and Inspections performance.
  • Checklists design for audits and inspections.
  • IOSA certification preaudit / preparation.
  • Development and update of the Management System.
  • Management of change.
  • Translation of manuals.
  • Operator Compliance management, CAMO and 145.
  • Management System training.

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