Flight operations

The flight operations department is the main column in an airline and is formed by sub-departments that, all coordinated, must carry out the daily operations in the most optimal, efficient and safe way.

The small and medium airlines not always have at their disposal enough resources to have specific personnel for every area, being forced to optimize that personnel through the assignment of two or more areas for just one person. Additionally, in some cases, that person is a pilot or flight attendant, what restricts the good performance of his/her functions.

From FLYLAB CONSULTING we are at your disposal to reinforce those areas in which there are needs, advise about new regularory changes or deal with an operational growth, and also to assume the outsourcing of several tasks that you can not manage with your personnel.

In the Flight Operations area we can work with you in:

  • Technical office.
  • Scheduling / Operations.
  • Standardization.
  • Manuals development / update..
  • Regulatory changes adaptation.
  • Translations.

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