Ground operations

The ground operations department is in charge of the agreements and coordination of all the works received by an airplane when landed, from the crew access controls (crew cards, airport permits, etc) continuing with the coordination for passengers access, handling, cleaning, refuelling and even the coordination for de-icing. As you can see these are some of the most representative tasks performed by this department.

In addition to these tasks, this department is also in charge, directly or indirectly, of the management for operations in third-countries or with special authorizations / permits.

From FLYLAB we can also help you with the tasks related to this department.

In the Ground operations area we can work with you in:

  • Development and update of manuals.
  • Study of new operations.
  • Security works management.
  • Management for dangerous goods transportation.
  • Management for operations in third-countries.
  • Coordination with handlings and ground services.
  • Training.
  • Translations.

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