Safety (SMS)

Based on ICAO, we can define the Safety Management System (SMS) as: “A systematic approach to managing safety, including the necessary organisational structures, accountabilities, policies and procedures”

Taking this into account we can see that Safety is an essential element in the daily operation of an airline and because of this reason it requires an important allocation of resources to comply with all the regularory requirements, recommendations from the Authorities and internal goals.

At FLYLAB CONSULTING we are very aware of the importance of a good Safety management, thus we offer services focused on helping companies achieve their safety goals.

In the SMS area we can work with you in these areas:

  • Advice about the establishment of goals and a clear safety policy.
  • Development of procedures in accordance with the size and complexity of the company.
  • Management of safety reports and communications with Authorities.
  • Fatigue management (FRM)
  • Management of indicators.
  • Risk assessments (Management of change).
  • Safety investigations (including incidents and accidents)
  • Training on SMS, FRM and FDM.
  • SMS communications and promotion (Magazines, Newsletters, Circular letters, etc)
  • Advice and/or development of  applications for management of SMS.
  • Design and development of manuals.

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