Flight Schools (ATOs)

At FLYLAB CONSULTING we offer flight schools our know-how to improve the areas of Training, Quality – Safety and Image. Additionally, we work to help new pilots in their search of practices or job, to enter the labour market.

Our team have experience in the management of aeronautical training centres – directly as Responsibles for training (HT, CFI, CTKI/Ground training Chief and Managers) or as Quality / Compliance Responsibles.

This backgound allows us to provide with improvement ideas, innovative and in accordance with the requirements of your company, to differenciate from the competence. It is especially important the image of all of our works, an element that we care with special interest.

Flight Schools (ATO) / Training centres to which we address our services:

  • Flight Schools / ATOs for PPL, CPL.
  • Flight attendant training schools.
  • Aircraf Maintenance Technician training schools (Engineers)
  • Aeronautics / Aerospace Universities.
  • Ground operations staff training schools.
  • Drone pilot training school.

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