At FLYLAB we offer you a list of products that you can offer in your flight school without any extra cost. These products are created for students when ending their studies, as complementary trainings, and considered very useful for their careers.

In addition, these courses can be done both in face-to-face or online formats.

Courses that we can carry out in our customer’s facilities:


  • Airlines assessments preparation.
  • The flight in piston aircrafts – Module.
  • The flight in turboprop aircrafts – Module.
  • The flight in jet aircrafts – Module.
  • Cold weather operations.
  • Hot weather operations.
  • CFIT.
  • EGPWS.
  • TCAS.
  • Weather radar.
  • Runway incursion (EAPPRI) / Runway excursion (EAPPRE).
  • Aeronautical english.
  • SMS (Safety Management System).
  • FRM (Fatigue Risk Management).
  • DDGG (Dangerous Goods).
  • Security.
  • CRM.

Services for flight schools