FLYLAB school

It is the branch of FLYLAB dedicated to face-to-face training in which, our professional team, offers a complete catalogue, adjusted to every profile, and always with a practical point of view.

In case of being interested we can also offer you practices in aviation companies, in which the training received from FLYLAB will help you achieve experience in such important areas as Safety, Crew instruction or Compliance.

Additionally, we put at your disposal a flight simulator to keep you IFR competence, prepare airlines assessments or receive a familiarization with the procedures in turboprop or jet planes.

Services for pilots

The courses performed in our facilities are:

SMS course

The Safety management is one the most important areas in aviation. Would you like to be trained on this field?

JOC course

Course to be familiar with jet airplanes and the operation in an airline. Theory + Practice in the simulator.

FRM course

We train you in one of the fields that are more affected in the air-operation nowadays, the fatigue management in aviation.

Aviation English course

We help you reinforce your english level to deal with ICAO english proficiency exam with the best methods.